What is a QQI Course?

As a training organisation or educational institution, the QQI award, otherwise known as the Quality and Qualifications Ireland mark, is one of the most prestigious and renowned marks of excellence out there. The QQI award is a mark that can be given to educational courses at all levels, validating them for the promotion, maintenance, and development of the review of the National Framework of Qualifications. Simply put, a QQI award assures a level of quality recognised by the NFQ in Ireland. For this reason, unsurprisingly, it is the goal of most educational institutions to have their courses QQI certified.

How to Achieve a QQI Award

When your company is providing a QQI accredited course, it means that the course is recognised nationally as one that ensures quality, reliability, and educational progression. QQI is ranked from levels 1-9, with 1 being recognised as a certificate and 10 a doctoral degree or higher doctorate. Most educational bodies aiming to achieve QQI accreditation with the help of Barrow Consultancy range from QQI level 5 to 7. In order to achieve this standard of excellence, as recognised nationally, your course must have defined learning outcomes, have achievable and relevant goals, be quality-assured, and provide appropriate resources for the student. This is the baseline of achieving a QQI award from the NFQ.

How Barrow Consultancy Can Help

While the above may seem straightforward, receiving a QQI award can be difficult and time-consuming. Understandably, there is a lot of paperwork to fill out and course providers are required to provide detailed information on the programme in questions using relevant QQI programme templates. There is also information required from the course provider around learner protection as well as application sign-offs and fees. With this in mind, Barrow Consultancy aims to help streamline the process for course providers. As well as explaining the QQI award in detail, we help course providers tweak their courses when needed to fulfil QQI standards and also help with application paperwork and admin. As a highly experienced and skilled team of Irish business consultants, we offer straightforward, reliable, and transparent advice to help you achieve your QQI award.

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