What Quality Mark Suits My Company? Barrow Consultancy Explains

When it comes to the world of quality assurance and being accredited for your dedication to continual professional growth, trying to find the right certification to suit your desired outcome can be a minefield. As a business owner, it’s important to understand the Irish-recognised quality marks that suit your specific industry and to work toward achieving these marks to show your clients and customers your dedication to continual development and growth.

Here at Barrow Consultancy, we’re passionate about helping companies across Ireland achieve recognition for their efforts in terms of quality products, services, and education. Here, the Barrow Consultancy team will explain the different standards of excellence recognised in Ireland, and go through the various Carlow Consultancy services we provide to help you achieve them.


QQI Consultancy Services

The QQI mark is a prestigious standard recognised and used by educational institutions and training courses across Ireland. The QQI mark is a standard of quality that assures learners of a course that the course content and outcome have been highly researched to guarantee a high-quality educational course. Schools, colleges, further education institutes, and training programmes strive for this highly respected mark of quality assurance. Here at Barrow Consultancy, our team of QQI Consultants are experts when it comes to all things QQI. Over our years in business, we have helped countless educational institutes achieve the QQI mark of excellence for their courses, helping you to understand the requirements necessary to achieve this mark and how to implement them on your unique course. We also provide full Carlow QQI consultancy services designed to help you re-engage with your existing QQI accreditation for a stress-free and easy re-application process.


ISO Consultancy Services

Unlike the QQI mark, which is specific to educational institutions, the ISO 9001 accreditation is a world-renowned quality assurance mark that relates to a number of industries including service-based industries. By achieving the ISO 9001 mark, companies show their continued dedication to professional growth and cement themselves as a leader in their relevant industry. Here at Barrow Consultancy, we provide professional ISO 9001 consultancy services designed to help you achieve and/or maintain your ISO 9001 accreditation. From general information about this quality standard to training in ISO auditing, risk assessment, health & safety protocols, and more, we offer a tailored ISO consultancy service to suit your individual business perfectly. If you’re interested in achieving a mark of quality to make your business stand out from the crowd, why not contact us today?


Q Mark Consultancy

Q Mark programmes are designed by the EIQA (Excellence Ireland Quality Association) and are a national quality association recognised across the country. The Q Mark programmes are programmes built on the basis of excellence and continuous improvement for businesses in a wide range of industries. A Q Mark is a highly-respected mark of excellence, helping your clients and colleagues to understand your company’s dedication to growth and, in turn, helping to increase customer loyalty, revenue, and development. Here at Barrow Consultancy, our team of expert Carlow consultants have years of experience helping clients to achieve the prestigious Q Mark in their respective fields. With in-class and call-out consultancy services available, we bring you through all steps involved in achieving the Q Mark, including paperwork application, business plans, best practise advice, business frameworks, and more. With help available from beginning to end, we ensure a highly reliable and straightforward service that makes the process run as smoothly as possible for you.


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